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“True education aims at the formation of the human person with respect to his ultimate goal, and simultaneously with respect to the good of those Societies of which, as a man he is a member, and in whose responsibilities as an adult he will share “(Vat II, Declaration on Christian Education. No.1)

Education is a process of inner growth and development of human beings from cradle to the grave. Education in the real sense is to humanize humanity and to make life productive, rich, cultured and civilized. Pope Francis says that education in our times “is guided by a changing generation, and, that therefore, every educator is required to change, in the sense of knowing how to communicate with the Young”. The Pope repeatedly emphasized the importance of education in a recent address to leaders of Religious Orders, declaring,” The work of education is a mission, is key, key, key to reaching the youth”.

Jesus the Teacher is our model and inspiration in educational Apostolate. Jesus came into the world to establish God’s Kingdom on earth. He came to show us a better way of living, loving, forgiving and serving. He ignited this big dream in his Apostles. Through our schools we continue to share this dream with tens of thousands of students and their parents. To bridge the gap between Education and Life, stress was given to promote Education for life in all our educational institutions.

UMI Education

Inspired by the mission of the Foundress, whose special concern was education of girls and liberation of women, we esteem education as a major apostolate of our congregation. It is a potent means to form a new generation with civic consciousness, concern for social justice and solidarity with people of different religions and social backgrounds.

According to Blessed Brigida of Jesus, the basis of education is the holy fear of God, and a preparation to perfection of spiritual and Christian charity.”Our primary form of evangelization continues to be education. Through this ministry, we contribute to the integral formation of the young, instructing them in moral principles, in all kinds of knowledge and skills suitable to their condition. We enlighten them in the knowledge of God, and the values of the kingdom”(Con.Art.93)


Mariampur School

Mariampur School

1975 -first batch-Mariampur school

1st batch-Mariampur School(1975)