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Health Care

The word Health means Wholeness or Soundness. The definition of Health made by the World Health Organization (WHO) is as follows.”Health is state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”This widely accepted definition brings out the following features:-

  1. Health is not merely a physical phenomenon
  2. It is positive. It detaches the idea of health from the mere absence of disease
  3. It speaks of complete well-being in all spheres of life.

Health extends to the whole of a person’s being – body, mind, spirit. It is a quality of life which cannot be measured, but only experienced and enjoyed. It is healing which restores a person to a dynamic state of well-being .Healing includes the use of treatment whether medical or non-medical.

The Birth of Healing Ministry of UMI

Faithfully following the spirit of the Foundress and responding to the signs of the time, in1934 our pioneering missionaries in India engaged themselves in the care of the sick and the suffering especially among the poor and the marginalized, thus witnessing to Christ’s redeeming love. This was also the beginning of the healing mission of our Congregation, the new dimension of apostolic availability of the UMI in the Church.

Human life is sacred because God has consecrated each and every human being as a unique, incalculably precious being of elevated status and dignity. When we approach with tenderness those who are in need of care, we bring hope and the smile of God amid the contradictions of the world. When dedication and generosity towards others become the style of our actions, we make space for the heart of Christ crucified and we are warmed by it, thus offering our contribution to build a world of love and peace. Pope Francis on the 22nd world day of the sick, addressed the sick and those who care for them saying, “The Church sees in you dear sick people a special presence of the suffering Christ and God gives us the courage to face each adversity with him and united to Him.”

Jesus describes the purpose of His coming in to the world “I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly”(Jn 10:10) Healing formed an important part of the work of Jesus. “The Ursuline bears witness to Jesus’ compassion, bringing solace to the sick and the suffering, with competence and pastoral sensitivity respecting life in all stages and being faithful to the teachings of the Church” (Const .art. 97).


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