‘Come and see’ (Jn 1:39), with these words Jesus initiated the ones who sought to follow Him into a process that gradually transformed them as his disciples. He offered them a process of self-transformation, which he himself underwent from crib to cross. This process was born out of his Abba experience – of letting go, and being with, which was his motivation and strength from birth to death.

The focus of our formation is to help our formees to know and experience the person of Christ and help them to imbibe his qualities – his sentiments, his attitudes and his ways so that they become Christ- like persons. It is a process of progressive growth which involves a series of actions, changes and an ongoing inner movement.

DSC00687IMG_0089Formees1st Profession-2014

Formation is a journey towards the deeper self of a person – an inward journey to the depth of oneself where one experiences the real love, the true self, the real identity of oneself in God. St. Paul reminds us, “Do not model your behavior on the contemporary world, but let the renewing of your minds transform you, so that you may discern for yourselves what is the will of God – what is good and acceptable and mature”. (Rom. 12:2).

The integral formation of a person has physical, moral, intellectual and spiritual dimensions. It is achieved when our personal love for Christ becomes the very centre of our being.”(Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated life (DRI), 1991, n. 34). The Directives on Formation in Religious Institutes, Rome,1990 states, “The formation of religious has for its primary end to initiate candidates into religious life and help them become aware of their identity as persons consecrated through their profession of the evangelical Counsels of Chastity , poverty and Obedience in a religious Institute. ( DRI no.110)

Blessed Brigida, our Foundress says, “If the young woman who enters the House of St. Ursula to serve God has any other aim in mind than to give herself completely – heart, soul and body, in one word, her whole hearted love, to Jesus, who for her sake became poor, was humiliated in obedience and crucified on the cross; and in this same spirit to live for others, as Jesus lived for her and for others, she is mistaken.” (Hidden on earth p.14)

First Profession 2015

First Profession of the U.M.I  Novices at Anugrah, Kalli, Lucknow, 2015  The surrounding of Anugrah Novitiate at Kalli  Paschim, Lucknow was filled with joy and happiness as it witnessed the First profession of our five Novices, Jyoti Masih, Trejina . N. Marak, Leera Kumari Kerketta, Suman Mary and Reena Masih  in the congregation of the …

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Initial Formation During Candidacy this time more stress was given to adjust themselves to the new situation as they have come from a totally different socio – cultural background. Moreover more stress was given for language study, basic Catechism, prayer, Bible stories, initiating the beginners to the life style of the Ursulines through the life …

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