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“A leader is the one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.” Says John C. Maxwell.

Blessed Brigida Morello, our Foundress, exhorts us that the exercise of authority is a service of love and faith. (Con. 167 & Dir. 141) inspired by the teaching and example of Jesus (Lk.22: 27b).

Jesus is the greatest leader and his leadership was unique and special and it pervaded over all what he did and said. It was strange and even contrary to the values, standards and expectations of his time as well as to the standards of the modern world. As Christians the cross will ever challenge us to look into His life and teachings to learn authentic leadership.

The Provincial Superiors are the following:


Sr. Monica Regional Superior-North

Sr. Monica
Regional Superior-North

Sr. Francesca Edattel (1988-1994)

Sr. Francesca Edattel, Regional Superior & Provincial



























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