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Initial Formation

During Candidacy this time more stress was given to adjust themselves to the new situation as they have come from a totally different socio – cultural background. Moreover more stress was given for language study, basic Catechism, prayer, Bible stories, initiating the beginners to the life style of the Ursulines through the life story of the Foundress etc.

In pre – novitiate more stress was given for personality development and emotional maturity and the study of language, especially English. To encourage these process different personnel took classes based on the topic ‘Emotional Maturity and Personality Development.’ Facilities for counseling were made available to them. Stress was also given to realize their own preciousness as the beloved daughter of God through the study of call narratives especially of prophets and through psalm. In novitiate the formees deepen their God experience through deepening their prayer life and through the systematic study of the Word of God, meditation, reading, reflection, regular confession, monthly recollections and integration days. Opportunities were provided through classes to grow in self awareness and self-knowledge. Emotional maturity, psycho-spiritual integration, vows, community life, study of congregational literature, relevance and meaning of religious life, the church documents and teachings of the church, spiritual guidance, counseling were some of the main thrust of the novitiate programme.