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Mother Brigida Morello

Brigida Morello was born in St. Michael of Pagana, near Rapallo,Genoa in Italy, on 17th June 1610 as the sixth of the 11 children of Nicolò and Lavinia Borzese. From her early childhood she was endowed with special graces. She was soon attracted by the singular devotion to Christ Crucified and grew with a constant vocation to holiness. Obedience to her parents, in 1633 she married Matteo Zancani of Salsomaggiore. But after a short duration of three years, with the premature death of her young spouse in 1637 Brigida, a childless young widow, consecrated her widowhood to God, taking the name “Brigida of Jesus”.

On 17th February 1649, Ash Wednesday at Piacenza, after having overcome uncommon difficulties, in utter poverty and with great faith in God, Brigida of Jesus founded the Institute of the Ursulines of Mary Immaculate for the Christian and civil education of the young girls.
Ardent with zeal for the unity of Christians and for the expansion of God’s Kingdom in the world, she offered her prolonged illness of 24 years. She was accompanied by mystical gifts. She communicated her spiritual wisdom together with her missionary ardour to her religious daughters and to many faithful laity. She died on 3rd September 1679 at Piacenza, Italy.
She was beatified on 15th March 1998 by Pope John Paul II.

The Ursuline Mission in North India began on 28th June 1953, when Mother Stefania Murelli, the Superior of the Mission, arrived at Kanpur, UP, along with other Sisters. The invitation had come from the Bishop of Allahabad, Rt. Rev. Dr. L. Raymond who had given the Sisters a residence at St. Patrick’s Church compound.

Mother Radini Tedeschi

Mother Radini Tedeschi


Maria Felice Radini Tedeschi, the Superior General who led the Institute for 29 years, from 1908 to 1937. She had imbibed the spirit and zeal of the Foundress and found ways and means of carrying the missionary flame to India, to kindle the fire of Divine Love in the hearts of the Indian people. To this end, she chose, prepared and sent a band of five brave and generous Pioneers,Maria Annunciata Rossetti, Maria Saveria Sabbadini, Maria Elena Valsecchi, Maria Margherita Benocci and Maria Assunta Lusardi. They landed in India on the shore of the Arabian sea, at Calicut, Kerala, on 12 Nov. 1934. The prophetic vision and mission of thPioneerse Foundress was thus fulfilled.

The expansion and growth of the mission was quick in 60s and 70s to meet the needs of the local people of India. It was under the Delegate Superior of the Congregation and in 1979 Indian mission was divided into two regions – North and South and appointed separate Regional Superiors, Sr. Alphonsa and Sr. Monica for North and South region respectively.
At the General Chapter in 1985, Indian Mission was declared as a Province and Mother Giovanna Alberoni was appointed as the first Provincial Superior of the new Province India. The new Regional Superiors for North and South Regions were Sr. Francesca Edattel and Sr. Liliana Kandamkulathy.
The growth of the Mission was slow but steady spreading its branches to all parts of India. On the 54th Anniversary of its foundation, the Mission needed to be reorganized for better administration. This was done on the 15th of August 1988 by dividing the Delegation into three Provinces: South, Centre and North. The first Provincial Superiors were Sr. Liliana Kandamkulathy, Sr. Giovanna Alberoni and Sr. Francesca Edattel and the Provincialates at Cannanore, Bangalore and Lucknow respectively.