CUMIN-Easter 2015 issue

CUMIN is a bulletin for Communication and Media Ministry of UMI.

Media has some significant role in maintaining and controlling our lives. Often we see media promoting culture of death as well as taking negative and abusive approach whereas it has the potential to spread life and light for humanity.

How could we remain singing hymns of Alleluia when we read and watch, cases of rape, domestic violence, and murder each day in our country? The situation becomes severe when these crimes are done against minors.

Educating people about the influences of media is one of the ways we can resist the negative impacts of media. However, if we are taking a pro-active stance, through media we can reach out the life-giving message of Jesus to people of various walks and needs.

Integrating media in our ministries we can empower people to respond creatively and can become a voice for the voiceless.

CUMIN is a small seed which can spread the aroma of media literacy and a chewing piece for many who are indifferent to new media trends. CUMIN is a space where you will find helpful materials to know the present day media culture and how they could be used for improving our ministries.